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My Story


I've always loved plants, gardening and all things nature.  And, while I was able to enjoy garden activities through my early life, it wasn't until I retired from Corporate America at age 55 that I really dove head first into my passion!

Being self taught and learning from others, I decided professional training would bring me to the next level of knowledge.  I obtained a horticulturist certificate from my local community college and also enrolled in a 16 month Master Gardener course through Rutgers University.  I successfully graduated as a Certified Master Gardener in February 2018, and continue to participate in  20 hours of education events every year.

While succulents, plants and gardening was always part of my experience and desires, floral design was fun but I wanted to learn more.  I enrolled in the Floral Design Institute, completing: Fundamentals Flower Design; Floral Design Basics; Floral Design Advanced and Bridal Designs. I obtained my Certified Floral Designer status in August 2018 and worked in a floral shop for approximately 14 months.  I have learned so much through my education and work experience, allowing me to create beautiful customer designs.  I love sharing all of my knowledge in workshops that I offer for both private and public events. 

Creating floral arrangements, plant and succulent designs and sharing my knowledge with others through workshops, or custom arrangements provides me with the greatest pleasure, along with enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer.

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